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„I like the innovative approach of OMS and the nano-optical structures that we successfully distribute in Poland”

Albert Tylkowski L-CONTACT Sp. z o.o, Poland

„We have been working with OMS for 20 years and it is a very professional company, and even if we have minor logistical failures, we believe that things will improve within a few months. Excellent quality and reasonable price, that's their currency"

Jeroen Versluis ETK licht bv, Netherland

„OMS has been our partner for 25 years and we believe in each other, we have built an entire strategy on OMS, where quality and price are important, as well as a professional approach and long-term relationships. If the logistics will be better in a few months, it is the best choice in Europe“

Dušan Krndija Founder LightElectric, Srbija


is a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology, as well as consideration and respect for the environment.
Company based in Slovakia

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